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Pedro Roca

pedro roca
Icono teléfono   +34 981 58 57 76  +34 616 78 06 73   Pedro Roca map

“Plaza de Abastos” (Food Market) Menu

85,00  IVA incluido

For an unforgettable gastronomy experience, this Pedro Rock gift pack features the best sea and farm produce, in a personal combination of seasonal tastes with a strong Galician character.
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* Menu subject to change according to market availability and season

Goose barnacles

Scallop, white asparagus and sea urchin

Squid and tender spring onions

Charcoal-grilled Norway lobster with creamy rice

Red mullet, grilled egg plant and “alioli” sauce

Mos chicken and morel mushrooms

Cherry chocolate cube

** Wine supplement (white, red, sweet): € 25/person



– This gift pack is valid for lunch or dinner

– Subject to availability and prior reservation: +34 981 58 57 76 // +34 616 78 06 73 //

– Expires after one year

– Please let us know if you have any type of food intolerance