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Pedro Roca

pedro roca
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Vegan Menu

50,00  IVA incluido

Looking for something different for family or friends? Give them an experience at Pedro Roca, featuring a great variety of dishes that bring out the best of our garden produce.
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* Menu subject to change depending on market availability and season

Avocado, garden tomato and mesclun salad

Hummus cube and “pico de gallo” sauce

Charcoal-grilled artichokes, asparagus and egg plant

with pine nuts and Arbequina olives

Spring mushroom paella

Carrot, coconut and chocolate

** Wine supplement (white, red, sweet): € 25/person



– This gift pack is valid for lunch or dinner

– Subject to availability and prior reservation: +34 981 58 57 76 // +34 616 78 06 73 //

– Expires after one year

– Please let us know if you have any type of food intolerance